Peters Township PA Chiropractor

When is the last time you allowed yourself to unwind by enjoying a nice massage? If you had to spend more than a few seconds answering that question, then it’s been too long, and it’s officially time for you to schedule an appointment at Falcone Health & Massage Center.

We would love to welcome you in and show you all of the benefits of getting a massage. As a full-service massage therapy and chiropractor serving Peters Township, PA, we can help put your mind and body at total ease when you visit us. We offer many different types of massage and can help you get a grip on headaches, anxiety, sports injuries and more in a matter of just one visit.

From the second you walk through the front door at Falcone Health & Massage Center, you will feel at peace, thanks to the spa-like atmosphere that we have created. From the soothing sounds that you will hear when you take the short drive from Peters Township to our facility in Bethel Park, to the aromatic smells that are wafting through the air at all times, you will immediately feel relaxed and at ease. Our goal is to have you feeling refreshed and recharged when you leave, so we make every effort to make your massage treatment as peaceful as possible from the moment you arrive. We will also work to relieve any pain or discomfort you are feeling, and help you manage your stress more effectively than ever before.

You have the option of choosing between many massage services at Falcone Health & Massage Center. We can assist residents of Peters Township, PA who are looking for a deep tissue or Swedish massage, or patients in need of light massage therapy that takes advantage of the various pressure points to release stress and relieve pain. You can even schedule chiropractic services to realign your spine and open up the channels between your back and the rest of your body. This will make you feel significantly better right away and show you the advantages of using massage and chiropractic care on a regular basis.

Now is a great time to book a massage. To make an appointment, call Falcone Health & Massage Center at 412-831-3607 today.