Baldwin PA Chiropractor

Are you currently dealing with muscle soreness as a result of a sports injury, or are you just feeling particularly tense due to stress? Falcone Health & Massage Center is a full-service massage therapy and chiropractor offering residents in Baldwin, PA a wide range of services. We can provide relief for those suffering from many different conditions, including headaches, anxiety, sports injuries, skin conditions, back issues and so much more. Your body and mind will feel significantly better after you spend time receiving a massage, and you will be able to relax and unwind when you pay us a visit.

When you walk into Falcone Health & Massage Center, you will be greeted by soothing sounds and pleasant aromas that will instantly put you at peace. We provide our customers with a spa-like atmosphere that is second to none. We are chiropractic practitioners and massage therapists serving our friends, family and neighbors in Baldwin, PA, and we believe in the healing powers of massage. Our goal is to make you feel refreshed and recharged, starting from the moment you arrive at our Bethel Park facility and well after you walk back out the door.

Medications can help you reduce pain, but they will also make your brain feel foggy and slow you down. When you come to us for a massage, we will work to reduce your pain, as well, but without the side effects of drugs and allow you to feel as relaxed as possible.

At Falcone Health & Massage Center, we offer a variety of types of massage, based on your specific needs. Light massage therapy utilizes the pressure points in the body to relieve stress and pain, while deep massage therapy unravels those tight knots that get stuck inside of your muscles. Meanwhile, chiropractic care from a Baldwin, PA chiropractor can realign your spine and clear the different channels that run to the various parts of your body. Each treatment we offer is different and tailored to each patient, but they all work to improve your body and mind in some way.

Would you like to try out massage therapy or chiropractic services with Falcone Health & Massage Center? Call us at 412-831-3607 today to schedule an appointment.